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Chapter 306 Paradise in DOOMTOMB

  • David hung up his call to see Anthony finishing his breakfast and smiled pleasantly. “Do you have any more requests, Mr. Stewart? Would you like some supplement?”
  • Why does he like supplements so much? Anthony wondered as he stared at David’s beaming face and waggled his hands to make David leave.
  • “No, get out of my face. Get the kitchen to prepare pork sirloin steak and rice for lunch!”
  • After David had left, Anthony turned towards Jack. “Shall we begin our training, Mr. Harlequin?”
  • “Yes, let’s do. You don’t have much time left!”
  • Jack nodded and turned towards Sfora. “Teach him how to kill with poisons, Sfora. Killing without being in the room is one of the best strategies.”
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