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Chapter 305 What a View!

  • Upon looking at his watch, David’s eyes began to brim with tears as the one-hour limit crept closer. If I don’t get him out in ten minutes, Alex will punish me severely even if he doesn’t kill me!
  • “Mr. Stewart, thank you for your positive review of our humble prison. However, may I suggest that you leave the prison and come back later? Our doors will always be open to you!” Never dabble with seances and Ouija, David. Spirits cannot be tamed.
  • David suddenly remembered a saying from the Mortal World and cursed the fool who approved to commit Anthony into the prison, vowing to kick him in the nuts later.
  • What the hell? Is he supposed to treat this hellhole as a hotel? The inmates were flabbergasted by David’s pleas, but Anthony still shook his head.
  • “Nope.”
  • David tilted his head back and sighed frustratedly. “What can I do to make you leave, Mr. Stewart?”
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