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Chapter 304 Please Leave!

  • Although David Shephard, warden of DOOMTOMB, was one of the strongest Class Azoth masters in the Mortal World, he had sleepless nights for months.
  • Overlooking DOOMTOMB in the Mortal World was easy, but after Jack Harlequin was committed two months ago, he had murdered almost half of the inmates as if he were grim reaper and attempted to escape more than thirteen times.
  • David was frustrated because the people who committed Jack to DOOMTOMB instructed him to keep Jack alive, but Jack’s antics were getting on his nerves, tempting him to kill Jack.
  • The night the new inmate, Anthony Stewart, was committed, David lay in his bed as his bloodshot eyes stared at the ceiling, thinking about how Anthony took his men down and instigated Jack and his thirty grandmasters to take a stand with him.
  • Although David did not take part in the skirmish, he was watching the incident unfold in the surveillance room. He would have no choice to intervene if Jack tried to kill Anthony, but thankfully, Jack only wanted to welcome Anthony.
  • However, he realized that he had a new dilemma when he saw Anthony and Jack buddying up with each other because if Jack were to train Anthony, Anthony would be the new authoritarian in DOOMTOMB. He tossed and turned in his bed until dawn and thought he could snooze for a little while more, but his encrypted phone buzzed. David grabbed the phone, upset that his snooze was interrupted, and groused, “What the hell do you want so early in the morning? Uhh…”
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