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Chapter 303 Getsumei vs Euphoria

  • “Isn’t Lord Unicorn one of us? What is he doing in Orbtagon now?” Howl’s brows knitted, and Xerxes shook his head sadly.
  • “Don’t underestimate the Varangians as the country’s secret weapon, Mr. Messenger. Anthony managed to intimidate Lord Unicorn when he beat the living daylights out of Lord Unicorn’s captains, and after Anthony’s disappearance, Lord Unicorn went into hiding because Lord Pegasus and Michael were hunting for him!”
  • What? He evolved to be strong enough to fight a Lord of the Varangians? When I met him, he was merely a Class B master!
  • “Damn it! We should postpone the operation until things calm down first. We won’t be able to manage without Lord Unicorn.” Despair began to cling unto Howl’s shoulders as he thought about how short-handed the headquarters was and how they could not spare anyone to help him take over Mount Beastial.
  • Upon hearing Howl’s comment, Xerxes and Xavier nodded in agreement. “We have no choice, so please rest, Mr. Messenger. We shall meet tomorrow to iron out the kinks in the plan.”
  • Howl nodded and began to walk away but stopped mid-step and turned back to face them with his brows drawn with concern. “How strong is Anthony now?”
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