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Chapter 302 The Friends and Family Grieve; The Enemies Rejoice

  • The second chief?
  • Everyone was shocked. What did Anthony do to their chief? Anthony had just been here for less than half an hour before being appointed to be the second chief. What did he do to deserve such a lofty position? Being second only after the chief?
  • The point was that there were so many grandmasters around the chief. These grandmasters had never encountered such treatment like Anthony had. Why did it have to be Anthony?
  • However, no one dared to say a word, although everyone was dumbfounded.
  • Who would have the audacity? Who dared to say otherwise?
  • When the chief first came to DOOMTOMB, he had singlehandedly slaughtered more than half of the prisoners in here. Who had the guts to provoke his violent temper?
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