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Chapter 3 An Amazing Massage

  • Anthony stared at his hands in a daze. At the same time, Poppy moaned out loud, “Wow! I haven’t had such an amazing massage in a long time. All the pain is gone! Where did you train? You need to teach me your techniques!” Her moans caught the attention of several male passengers around them, and they turned to watch them.
  • When they saw what Anthony was doing, their eyes were filled with envy. This scoundrel! How dare he take advantage of such a beauty in broad daylight! This dog… Come at me!
  • Hearing Poppy’s exclamation, Anthony felt confused. Was that all it took? Did the Carnelian stones give him the Carnelian vision and the power of healing as well?
  • “Of course! This secret technique has been passed down in my family for generations. I can’t share it with just anyone. Unless… You become my wife!” Anthony started to flirt once more.
  • Poppy turned. She smiled and lightly smacked his arm. “You wish!” But almost exactly after that, she seemed to be struggling with herself. Since I’ve decided to indulge, I might as well go the extra mile! Besides, this young man before me is quite the looker.
  • “You naughty man. Those are some talented hands you have. How about you give me a full body massage?” Poppy turned and winked at him.
  • Anthony froze. He swallowed and stuttered, “Full body? Are you sure?” Anthony was shocked. He couldn’t believe that the opportunity had fallen almost literally into his lap.
  • Poppy, seeing how Anthony hesitated, pressed herself against his thigh and leaned on his leg. “Come on!”
  • Damn it! Anthony almost lost it. He could feel how soft she was against him. Her little mouth blew warm air against his skin, driving Anthony crazy.
  • The male passengers around them couldn’t believe their eyes. Could it be that easy? She had literally thrown herself at him. If they had known it would be that easy, they would have volunteered to massage her too! That posture… Was so… So unbearable to look at…
  • Now that it has come to this, Anthony was not going to refuse himself! He shamelessly placed his large hands on Poppy’s lower back. His hands wandered from her tiny waist to her hip, butt… He touched everywhere, places that he could and those that he shouldn’t…
  • “Don’t you think I should know your name before we go any further?” Anthony chatted with her while taking advantage of the situation.
  • “Just call me Poppy!” Poppy replied easily. Anthony’s hands were amazing, and they were so warm and comfortable and relaxing. Poppy did not want Anthony to stop.
  • Poppy’s name sounded familiar to Anthony. But now was not the time to think about it. Anthony had other more important things at hand. After chatting with Poppy, he figured out Poppy’s family was in the jade business. Her visit to New York was to settle a supply issue.
  • An essential part of the jade business was jade gambling. From some novels that Anthony had read, almost all characters who gained Carnelian vision would try their hand at jade gambling. Anthony decided to ask Poppy about it, but not even five minutes into the massage, Poppy had fallen asleep against his leg.
  • Anthony smiled bitterly. Were his hands that magical? Anthony placed his hands on his own body and started massaging. The gold light entered his body quickly, followed by warmth. His body felt light, as if he was floating on a cloud. He couldn’t help but let out a moan.
  • It was so freaking comfortable!