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Chapter 294 DOOMTOMB

  • This night was destined to be a sleepless night!
  • While Livingston was going through a hellish storm, Anthony was finally released from the cage after a night of hurdles. After being released from the iron cage, Anthony took some time to get adjusted to the bright sunlight and saw a prison situated above the clouds.
  • There was no signage nor labels on and around the prison! The prison was made from more than a foot thick of steel plates. Even explosives wouldn’t be able to shatter this place as it was built to stand destruction.
  • Just a simple procedure of relocation, and Anthony vaguely heard a few words with the help of his strong sense of hearing, “Be careful, don't let him make it out alive of... DOOMTOMB...”
  • Anthony was taken aback when he heard the last word, “Is this DOOMTOMB?” There were related records in the Varangians information center. This prison was only a tale spreading among the people. It was said that it was built by a super master and used to imprison those super-powerful ones.
  • Anyone could be captured and sent into DOOMTOMB if a hefty price were paid. DOOMTOMB was built and existed to forever imprison the super-powerful. There was no way out from this place. In the entire world, many politicians, businessmen, and dignitaries... They were all fond of the idea and existence of DOOMTOMB.
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