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Chapter 290 Real vs Fake Grandmaster

  • “This… I…” Igor stared at Anthony in disbelief.
  • Anthony blew on the tip of his silver needle before uttering, “Take him away!”
  • Sergey’s men immediately dragged Igor out of the hall. Anthony put both hands behind his back as he returned slowly to his seat. He announced to the crowd, “Igor Sokolov of the third battalion intended to initiate a mutiny. Upon his capture and discharge as the leader, he will be temporarily replaced by Anthony’s eighth wife, Lena Tanner! Despite her fledgling capability as a Reiki master, she was the rightful heiress of the Tanner family, which was enough for her to assume the role… Does anyone think otherwise?”
  • “…” His words left everyone in pin-drop silence. Think otherwise? Who here dares to think otherwise? Only someone suicidal who wants to end up like Igor!
  • “If not, that’s settled, then!” Anthony waved his hand before continuing, “In the coming days, I’ll retreat into the wilderness and spend some time at the Himalayas. Anthony will be here soon to succeed me as Grandmaster. I hope all of you give him your fullest cooperation…”
  • With the help of Fey, Sergey, and several others, Anthony continued to anticipate for other loyal servants of Silas Winter that might potentially trigger an uprising. He would send some away and take care of the others. This included Andrei Lebedev, who knew that things were not looking good and promptly resigned from his position. He chose to keep his life and left the Blood Demon Sect alone.
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