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Chapter 286 That Was Completely Unacceptable!

  • Sergey was speechless to see how lawless Yuri was capable of. He had always been smug and arrogant for having control over the Army of Assassins, but climbing into the bed with the Grandmaster’s wife was completely unacceptable! Sergey finally understood the marvelous show the Grandmaster was talking about. Looks like he’s going to kill him!
  • Sergey was clearly an intelligent man to be entrusted with the safety of the whole Blood Demon Sect. He already knew what the Grandmaster was going to ask of him. It would be to kill Yuri Djakovic! With the unsightly scene before him, Sergey could only laugh bitterly to himself. What other choice do I have?
  • Yuri smiled bitterly at Sergey as he saw him entering the room. “Sergey, save me! Please help me beg for mercy. I don’t want to die!” The power that Yuri held in the Blood Demon Sect was only second to Silas Winter. With his influence, he could almost get his hands on anything his heart desired. He was quite the celebrity throughout Wyoming.
  • He really did not want to die!
  • Sergey turned around to gaze at Anthony – his eyes were full of cold determination. “Leave it to me, Grandmaster!” He knew that the Grandmaster was already displeased with the lack of warm welcome upon his return. If he did not handle the incident with Yuri Djakovic to his expectation, he was afraid he might be on the receiving end of the Grandmaster’s wrath as well.
  • After all, the shortness of Silas Winter’s temper was common knowledge among the Blood Demon followers.
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