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Chapter 283 Dead with a Slap

  • It struck Anthony that the family had sent someone to take Camelia down when he heard Camelia’s response.
  • If Anthony wasn’t involved in this matter, he would have just ignored it. However, since he was partly responsible for what happened and that Camelia was his wife, Anthony couldn't ignore this matter.
  • Anthony snorted coldly as he watched the man approach them. “You plan to kill my wife in front of me? Do you not know how to spell death?”
  • Anthony used his Carnelian vision to scan the man before him. He was at least a grandmaster level. Obviously, Anthony’s strength was insufficient to stop him. But what else could he do? Camelia was his lover. He had to protect her by all means.
  • A gentle expression flashed across Camelia’s eyes when she saw Anthony's intention to protect her. “Anthony, don’t. You can’t beat him!”
  • The man in black warned sternly as well, “Anthony Stewart, I know that you’re a member of Orbtagon. The Firestorm family has no intentions to oppose the Varangians, but please don’t stop me from carrying out my duty in executing the family’s law!”
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