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Chapter 281 My Dowry

  • Lord Unicorn led the men under him and left the Varangians’ base. As soon as he got into the car, he blew up, “Find and contact all of Anthony Stewart’s enemies. I must kill him, or else he will go after me sooner or later!”
  • As soon as he finished his words, Captain Calcifer handed him a huge stack of documents. With a frustrated expression, he exclaimed in regret, “Unfortunately, his enemies are all defeated to the ground… Justin Hammel from New York, the Vine family… Raoul Showa from Williamsburg, Lane Hardy, Vander Park were all raided… Jaden Charles’ whole team was wiped out, and Simon Palazzo was beheaded…”
  • Lord Unicorn grabbed the information from Captain Calcifer’s hands and browsed through it with a tight frown on his forehead. “Do you mean that no good can befall on anyone who opposes Anthony?”
  • Captain Calcifer and Captain Glacier nodded their heads solemnly, “It seems so according to the current results! Why don’t we forget our plans? After all, it’s too risky!”
  • “No! Dammit! I’ve spent so much effort and time planning this! How can I just give up like this? Contact Xerxes Charles of Mount Beastial at once! And Silas Winter from Blood Demon… I don’t believe I can’t kill him!”
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