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Chapter 28 Wielding the Force

  • Looking at those wooden logs that piled up to mountains, Anthony could not help but be reminded of a poem by Hai Zi. ‘Feed the horses, cut the logs, wander the world… The ocean is before you, flowers blooming in the springtime warmth…’
  • Nevertheless, he thought about his new and improved body and figured that the task might just be bearable after all. Anthony knew that there must be a reason to Master Louis’ assignments.
  • “Alright!” Anthony agreed and promptly picked up the ax. He erected one of the half-meter-long logs in one swift action, swung his ax, and split it into halves.
  • As he was picking up the second log to continue his woodcutting, Louis lightly shook his head and said, “When I ask you to cut these logs, I didn’t mean to chop them up like a butcher! Watch closely, let me show you how it’s done… How much of it can you learn depends on you alone!”
  • As he spoke, Louis grabbed the ax from Anthony’s hand, steadied his footing, and assumed a perfect posture. He then gracefully swung the ax with his right hand, and in one swift movement landed it squarely on the wooden log.
  • To an untrained eye, the movement was nothing out of the ordinary. However, Anthony had unlocked his Carnelian vision, which slowed down the entire sequence. In the milliseconds that mere mortals would usually miss, Anthony discovered the true secret behind Louis’ movement…
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