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Chapter 279 Too Handsome to Handle

  • Orbtagon and HEXALT were two super institutions in Livingston that were aware of each other’s existence but had no conflicts with each other. As the top grandmaster, Michael naturally had a stronger awareness than Lord Unicorn, so it wasn’t a wonder that he could sense John’s presence!
  • Anthony smiled faintly at Michael’s reaction. “Don’t worry, Michael. I’m always fair and just no matter where I am!”
  • Michael nodded in satisfaction, “Good to know that I have not judged the wrong person!” Louis Darcy was indeed clever in spotting talent! He could still manage to find a good heir at an old age.
  • The contacts that he had accumulated over the years of traveling around the world could finally be passed down.
  • On the way to the base, many eyes that were full of admiration were fixed on Anthony. It was a result of Lord Pegasus spreading the video message of Anthony killing Tenorie.
  • The members of the Golden Battalion were most proud. Their eyes shone when they spoke of Anthony, “Do you see that? That’s our new king! Savage, right? Hah! He can even kill a grandmaster! We will definitely be able to recruit a lot of talents this time!”
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