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Chapter 276 Messing Up His Maneuver

  • Tolkien turned and gestured at his men, who melted back into the inky darkness of the park. With Tolkien’s words echoing through his mind, Anthony was too astounded to move. He was now a president in HEXALT and had a ‘Booth’ protecting him. Isn’t Booth the one who assassinated President Lincoln in real life?
  • However, Anthony’s senses told him that Booth’s abilities were almost on par with Lord Pegasus’ and felt rather pleased to have a grandmaster as his bodyguard.
  • After the meeting, Anthony and Lena left the abandoned park and drove back to Jean’s house. As Anthony entered the house, he was startled to see Lord Pegasus, Captain Cedar, and Jehoshaphat waiting for him.
  • “Isn’t the recruitment tomorrow, Lord Pegasus? You should get some rest!” Taking a seat with Lena on the sofa, Anthony observed that Lord Pegasus’ brows were drawn tight and knew that something had happened in the Varangians.
  • “Can you tell him what happened, Janice?” Lord Pegasus blinked his tired eyes and sighed before turning to Janice, who was nodding.
  • “Remember the clue about the traitor in Varangians who was cooperating with the drug lords in Golden Triangle, Anthony? Lord Pegasus has received a solid lead just now, so we have a good idea who the traitor is!”
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