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Chapter 275 Strange Men

  • Damn it, if you were Tolkien, I’d be C.S. Lewis! Why are the names of the people in HEXALT so odd?
  • Tolkien nodded. “You’re right. My name is based on the writer J.R.R. Tolkien, and look, we have other historical figures like John Wilkes Booth and J.K. Rowling…” Tolkien gestured at the men in black surrounding them, but Anthony scrunched up his face disbelievingly.
  • What? This sounds like all the men in HEXALT are based on historical figures from ages ago!
  • “So, does that mean you have Edgar Allan Poe and Cleopatra?” Anthony asked half-jokingly and wheezed when Tolkien nodded sternly.
  • “Not bad, Mr. Stewart! Cleopatra is on a mission, so you won’t be able to see her today, but I’ll introduce her one day.”
  • Anthony was stupefied upon hearing Tolkien’s introduction. Who are these people? Their incredibly uncreative names would make me leave if Louis didn’t tell me that they were powerful.
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