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Chapter 263 Stealing is a Sin

  • Camelia doubted Anthony’s words because she still believed that Simon was merely a despicable business rival who had tried to remove her from Skyward Group.
  • A smile lit up on Anthony’s handsome features as he hung up the phone. Everything is going according to the Varangians’ plan! Camelia and her delectable figure will never escape my grip!
  • Anthony arrived at the bus station ten minutes later. Leaning against his Hummer, his eyes lit up when he saw Natalie and Lena stroll out.
  • Natalie was wearing a pair of jean shorts, cute and peculiar as usual; Lena was wearing a white dress and a pair of black stockings, emanating the sweet scent of temptation.
  • “I missed you, Anthony!” Anthony grinned when Natalie ran into his arms, relishing in her ardor.
  • “I’ve missed you too!”
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