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Chapter 260 You Idiot!

  • Anthony saw Rina’s embarrassment and knew that something triggered Rina to run into his arms half naked in the middle of the night.
  • The first time Rina met Anthony, she did not believe Anthony when he said that he had many wives, but she began to worry once she met Dorothy, Mount Beastial’s young grandmaster.
  • “What did I do?” Anthony teased Rina as he wrapped his arms around her, but his scorching gaze cowered her.
  • “Don’t you know what to do? Do I have to do it myself, idiot?” Rina’s voice was muffled as she curled into a ball in Anthony’s arms.
  • Rina heard that hotties like Jean and Janice Grayson were given in marriage to Anthony and that Poppy was coming to Williamsburg. Knowing that Anthony was surrounded by beauties like Scarlett Ivanov and Camelia Firestorm chilled her heart and spurred her into action.
  • Rina was afraid that she would be a nobody to Anthony if she did not take initiative to consummate their relationship soon!
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