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Chapter 26 Absolutely Kick-Ass

  • What Logan and the others didn’t notice was that after Louis got the initial affirmation from Michael, he sneaked a triumphant smile on his face, “Only a few of you old men to teach him? I still have enough Reiki Origiums in my hand to enable him to power up immediately. Do you guys have the resources to do the same?”
  • The reason why Louis ranked so highly in the Board of Shikari was that he didn’t just possess extraordinary medical skills, Louis’ predecessor had left him a lot of Reiki Origiums. In a planet where scarcity of Reiki emanated and percolated, to be able to train with rare Origiums can be said to be foolproof and surefire for someone to level up.
  • At the end of the phone call, Michael stomped his feet anxiously, “You… It’s just some Reiki Origiums. I can give him a seat to practice at the relics. You don’t have this, right? Hah.”
  • Recently, according to the joint speculation of the high technology and the historical and antiquated standards, the dormant relics had begun to show signs of activation. And, these relics were strictly controlled by the Orbtagon. The biggest advantage of the relics was the ability to emanate an abundant amount of Reiki than the Origiums.
  • A lot of people dreamed of upgrading their prowess with the help of Reiki during the opening of the relics. Except for the apprentices and members of the Orbtagon, even those powerful ones in HEXALT and the Board of Shikari were not eligible to enter the relics! The reason being was that the Orbtagon had the Federation as its spine.
  • After Michael finished his promise, Louis quickly marked his words, “Okay, you have promised placement in the relics for Anthony. No lip service as I am keeping tabs! Haha! So, I’m leaving my baby apprentice in your hands now. Haha, I’m relieved…”
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