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Chapter 259 Furious Xerxes

  • Although the captain was a master of the realms, he didn’t dare to make a move when Xerxes forced him into a corner.
  • “Master Xerxes, I received news that most of Young Master’s men perished after an altercation with men from Blood Demon sect, and the rest were arrested by the Varangians.” The captain wheezed, red-faced from the effort as Xerxes’ fingers were cutting off his air supply.
  • The captain knew he had to speak carefully, otherwise Xerxes might accidentally strangle him to death in his infamous rage.
  • “What?! Why did they fight men from Blood Demon sect?” Xerxes felt his anger cool down, and he let go of the captain’s throat only to grip his shoulders. “The Blood Demon sect was supposed to cooperate with Jaden to defeat Anthony! What happened to Jaden?”
  • With Xavier’s love child dead, the Charles blood line would end if Jaden died too! Xerxes fought a rising panic when he thought about his son.
  • All Xerxes’ efforts would go to waste if no one was going to inherit it!
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