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Chapter 254 If You Know So Much, Come Up and Dance

  • Dale looked anguished. Please don’t do this! You know I can’t fight you. Why do you force me to fight?
  • Ted looked at the fear in his son’s eyes and sighed in frustration. Damn, meeting Anthony is really bad luck. My other son is crippled, and that bastard still did not have enough. I can’t stand him. I really want him dead, but I don’t have the power to kill him.
  • Now, if my other son is also crippled, the Piaskowski family would be doomed.
  • At this thought, Ted coughed a couple of times and stood up unwillingly. “Anthony, I apologize to you on behalf of the Piaskowski family. The Piaskowski family will now withdraw from any dispute with the Williams family concerning any projects… Furthermore, I will also hand over half of the ancient books kept by the Piaskowski family to you. As for the incident concerning my second son, I now know what happened. He was wrong for hitting a pregnant woman. I will not pursue this matter further…”
  • Ted thought of humbling himself for a while to get out of a fight. However, he did not expect that his choice would end up bringing tremendous fortune to the Piaskowski family.
  • Anthony heard Ted and couldn’t help feeling surprised. He smiled and said, “Oh, seems like you’re quite wise, Ted. Since you now understand, you should discipline your children well, alright?”
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