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Chapter 242 Hubby, They Are Bullying Me!

  • The Varangians were not what they used to be. When the previous dean was still alive, the Varangians were indeed a force to be reckoned with under his strict leadership. Within the group, it was always united and harmonious.
  • After the dean’s death, the Three Lords of the Varangians had a clear demarcation of who should oversee which battalion. In time, the divide between the demarcation deepened. Lord Pegasus and Lord Griffin could still be considered amiable because, ultimately, they were from the same sect and grew up together. Any disagreement would strictly be professional and would never affect the rapport between the two of them.
  • Alas, things were different with the third lord, Lord Unicorn. He had been harboring ill intentions with the three strong battalions in his hands – Water, Fire, and Earth. According to reliable sources, Lord Unicorn had begun syndication with outside forces to restructure the Varangians.
  • This was also one of the issues Janice Grayson was investigating in the Golden Triangle. Alas, she was still gathering intel and did not have solid evidence to penalize Lord Unicorn.
  • Anthony was also privy to this particular internal politics of the Varangians. Therefore, he knew how important this recruitment was to both Lord Griffin and Lord Pegasus.
  • The battalions under the two lords were already in a state that was less than stellar. If they could not acquire some good recruits, he’s afraid there really might be a mutiny within the Varangians.
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