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Chapter 241 Did I Say You Could Leave?

  • Nex’s graceful leap off the wall had given him a grand and dramatic entrance. With the same fantastic display of the Hand of Buddha, he herded the group of fighters in the center of the room. Anthony could not help but shake his head. This monk, he’s another man altogether! What a show-off!
  • But nobody was more surprised than Noah Hawk. There was a master of realms hiding among the walls? And I couldn’t even tell! And isn’t this… The Hand of Buddha? Is he the apprentice to the Smiling Buddha? Oh heavens. Do I fight or flee?
  • Alas, Noah did not have much choice at this point. The Hand of Buddha was aimed straight at his head. Noah clenched his teeth and mustered all the force he could find within himself. Both of his arms were placed on his forehead, bracing for Nex’s move.
  • The surrounding Class A fighters were scrambling to escape as they saw Nex closing in on them, but there was no place to hide.
  • ‘Bam!’
  • A quake of monstrous magnitude befell Noah and the group of fighters as Nex unreservedly unleashed the full force of his Hand of Buddha.
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