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Chapter 24 Arrival of the Master

  • Anthony could see the impact of this punch. The guys in the Land Rover saw it too. One of the skinny men was a little anxious, “Chief, do we want to take action? I think this Awakener apprentice has the potential of at least a level 5. It will be a shame if he gets killed!”
  • After the Relics were opened and the Reiki leaked, it would likely awaken its powerful abilities if it were to be absorbed by the other creatures. But the awakening ability could be either strong or weak. Orbtagon divided all the awakening potentials from level 1 to 10.
  • Orbtagon had been established for so many years. In addition to the Three Lords, the Seven Kingsmen had the best potential, and their potential was only at level 7. If Anthony had the potential of level 5 or higher, he would make a great apprentice with untapped potential. In the future, his power would supersede class A or even class S!
  • The chief’s name was Logan Howell, one of the twelve Chiefs at the Orbtagon, and his strength barely entered class B. Hearing the words of his members, he shook his head faintly, “Don’t worry, let’s take a look first. This kid seems to have a special physique. You can’t kill him with a punch. I want to see what kind of potential this kid could unleash during a crisis!”
  • The few guys said it lightly, but Anthony, who was directly confronting Joel, began to sweat all over his body, and his hair was standing. Anthony tried to block the opponent by chugging his fists, but because he had never learned any martial arts, he didn’t have any clue at all.
  • Just as Anthony was a little despair, a voice suddenly came into Anthony’s ears, “Move half a step to the left, avoid his sharp attack. Gather your strength and might to your arms, and attack from his armpit…”
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