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Chapter 239 Who Dares To Take Away My Woman?

  • Every single fiber of their being wanted to flee! Alas, they were tied up by the strong web of the steel wire bug and were completely immobilized. All they could do was to watch as the massive force of the Hand of Buddha came down on them.
  • A hopeless melancholy flashed across their faces…
  • ‘Wham!’
  • A deafening crash ringed throughout the building as the two masters were slammed flat onto the ground by Nex’s Hand of Buddha. At the Eleventh Hour, the masters managed to muster all the forces they could afford around their vital organs. Alas, they were not able to remain unscathed.
  • Gigantic bumps began to appear on top of their heads. All their crevices seemed to be oozing with blood. Their entire bodies were buried underground lest their tiny heads, and the whole situation looked rather comical. Both of them had suffered major concussions from the impact – with their bodies now buried, and they had no chance of lifting even a finger.
  • Anthony squatted next to them and slapped on their faces while saying, “I gave you a choice earlier, didn’t I, to kill Jaden Charles? So… Any regrets?”
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