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Chapter 235 Oh, A Bastard?

  • Dorothy straightened her clothes and reminisced about Anthony promising to avenge her. She couldn’t help but feel tingly and warm inside. She naturally leaned her head slightly against Anthony’s shoulder, “Anthony, I’m happy enough to have you avenge me. But let’s just leave him be for the time being!”
  • Jaden and Xerxes both came from prominent backgrounds. Rumors had it that they were working with a mysterious and powerful force. Even Dorothy’s master dared not provoke Jaden! How would Anthony be able to turn the tables on him? Although Anthony was backed up by the Varangians, their power alone was obviously insufficient.
  • Anthony reached out and patted Dorothy’s head lightly, “Leave him be? Impossible! Nobody can ever bully my woman! Only I can bully her! You must know this because you’re my woman.”
  • Anthony reached out and hugged Dorothy tightly in his arms and declared arrogantly.
  • I must know this because I am his woman? This is just so romantic! Dorothy’s heart skipped a beat, and she couldn’t think for a moment. She was even more certain now in her heart that Anthony was the one she wanted to be with for the rest of her life.
  • “Alright, your call!” Dorothy took a deep breath. She was the young grandmaster of Mount Beastial, so she naturally had some skills. Moreover, Lyndon Pollan had given her quite a few pieces of valuables that could serve as protection for herself, as well as some masters as her bodyguards.
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