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Chapter 233 I am Indeed very Handsome

  • “Err, it’s midday. Wouldn’t it be inappropriate?” Anthony couldn’t help but give a satisfied smile. It looks like Fey is starting to obsess over me! Well, I am indeed very handsome! Haha!
  • In just two kilometers after Anthony left Camelia’s company, he found out that he was tailed. He saw several commercial vehicles following behind him from the rearview mirror. Anthony couldn’t help but snort to himself. Hah! Finally paying attention to me?
  • However, Anthony did not respond immediately. They were just sidekicks. Anthony had to deal with the real mastermind behind this, and this time, he intended to kill two birds with one stone. He will let Sirocco’s men fight them to death at Mount Beastial.
  • When Anthony finally reached the bar, he touched his face with his palm and kneaded it twice. In a blink of an eye, he had changed into a replica of Sirocco. He had a crazy time with Fey Winter in her room.
  • Fey only stopped when her whole face was red, and she couldn’t get up from the bed anymore. Anthony quietly gathered Sirocco’s subordinates without Fey’s knowledge and ordered, “Brothers, I heard that the bastards at Mount Beastial had obtained fragments of the treasure map. This time, we must act secretly so that we can get it before Fey does. Understood?”
  • “Understood!” These subordinates were originally dissatisfied under Fey’s ruling. They were more than happy to make Fey unhappy.
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