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Chapter 23 Beaten Shitless

  • Meanwhile, Fang and Claw, the men sent by Jonah Jones, were the ones in the Volkswagen. They had also noticed the other two vehicles following Anthony and felt that there were powerful opponents in the car. The men became concerned. “Third Master, the situation is not good. Someone is targeting Anthony, and they are very powerful. We are at…”
  • Both of them knew that they were no match to them, so they immediately reported the situation to Jonah.
  • Anthony followed the instructions relayed by his master. Finally, the driver stopped the car next to the woods in the countryside. Poppy had fallen asleep soon after getting into the car. When the car stopped, Poppy had also awakened. When she saw the woods after getting out of the car, she felt suspicious and asked, “Anthony, where are we? What happened?”
  • After the taxi had stopped, Justin, Joel, and the group of men dressed in black had also stopped their car a short distance away.
  • Anthony glanced in the direction of Joel and Justin, “Poppy, someone wants to kill us!”
  • “Argh!” Poppy screamed. “Since someone is wanting to kill us, why did you bring us to such a remote place?”
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