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Chapter 223 Lord Pegasus Wept

  • People from the United Kingdom knew about the Varangians; hence it was imperative that they sent new members like Anthony to infiltrate Camelia Firestorm’s circle of influence.
  • “Wait! I’ll give them to you!” Lord Pegasus sighed and reached to take his treasures out, but Anthony stopped him. “Let me call my master!”
  • Lord Pegasus felt his heart drop when he heard Anthony calling Louis because he was a victim to Louis, the well-known looting gangster.
  • “Master, what should I take from Lord Pegasus? He said he wanted to give me some treasures!” Anthony grinned at Lord Pegasus and called Louis, who roared with laughter. “Lord Pegasus has something called the Dragon’s Hide, which is supposed to be impenetrable.”
  • Lord Pegasus tried to leave silently when he saw Anthony’s wicked smile, but Anthony managed to stop him in his tracks. “Lord Pegasus, my master says to ask you to hand Dragon’s Hide over and write down the instructions for your Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon technique.”
  • “No! Louis, you bastard! I won’t let you snatch them away from me!” Lord Pegasus had protected the Dragon’s Hide and the Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon technique all his life and was agonized to part with them, but Anthony’s heart was set on those treasures.
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