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Chapter 222 Pilfering

  • Anthony and Fey fooled around for half an hour and Fey felt exhausted after her ‘workout session’ with Anthony.
  • “You bad boy!” Fey protested coquettishly as she lounged on the bed.
  • Mature women are different! Anthony mused as Fey began to clothe herself. Anthony was wearing Sirocco’s face when they left the room.
  • Sirocco’s men sighed in relief when they saw ‘Sirocco’ and Fey exit the room, but Sirocco’s men were suspicious. “Where is Anthony, boss?” They witnessed Anthony enter the room, but only Sirocco and Fey exited.
  • Anthony smiled and pretended to sigh painfully. “Anthony Stewart injured Fey and fled through the vents. Thankfully, Fey has recovered after I’ve taken care of her wounds.”
  • “He got away this time, which means that capturing him next time would be really difficult!” Fey bolstered Anthony’s lie and gazed at Anthony spicily. I love the way you took care of my wounds…
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