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Chapter 221 A Play with Fey

  • After Anthony had mentioned ‘Rainmaker Sect’, Fey trembled as she closed the room door.
  • How many more skills does Anthony hold other than those from Louis Darcy, the Prince of Mischief, and the Rainmaker Sect? He used Cochliomyia just now, which means that the Rainmaker Sect’s Venom Ossuary has fallen into his hands. Either the old Master Lou Rain fell for Anthony, or he managed to steal the skill from her, but Anthony must be formidable either way! I was smart to cooperate with him.
  • Sirocco paled and tried to dig the Cochliomyia out of his throat, but the Cochliomyia had multiplied the moment it entered Sirocco’s body.
  • Blood began to pour out of a rotting cavity in Sirocco’s throat and chest, but Sirocco did not give up and tried to call Master Silas. He reached out for his phone, but his arm putrefied and disintegrated into a pool of blood.
  • A few minutes later, all trace of Sirocco, including the blood on his pile of clothes, was consumed by the Cochliomyia.
  • Anthony had subdued the Queen Cochliomyia in the Venom Ossuary and set fire to the shriveled bodies of the Cochliomyia with a lighter, turning them into a pile of ashes. Within minutes, Anthony managed to get rid of Sirocco without a sweat!
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