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Chapter 220 Impersonating Silas

  • “What is Fey doing? She was the one who told us to monitor their actions, but she didn’t stop Anthony from destroying all our cameras!”
  • “Maybe she has feelings for that man! Anthony seems to draw people to them…” A Class A master mused.
  • When their screens became blank, the entire surveillance team under Fey were aghast except for a young man in the corner of the room, who was huffing as he left the surveillance room to go to Fey’s room.
  • “Why is Sirocco upset? He’s just Silas’ bodyguard!”
  • “Fey’s the mastermind behind today’s mission. Anthony is much better looking than Silas, which may have attracted Fey, so what could Sirocco do about it?”
  • Another man rushed up and covered the middle-aged man’s mouth. “Silas’ men are here too. Just because you’re assigned under Fey doesn’t mean your safety is guaranteed!”
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