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Chapter 22 A Killer Force

  • Julia was red with fury, “Anthony Stewart, you have no shame!”
  • Zachary was shocked by Anthony’s statement and was rendered speechless for a moment, “You’re heartless… Julia, why don’t we go and try a new French restaurant…” Right after he spoke, Zachary turned around and said to Anthony, “I bet you can never afford to dine at such places, isn’t it?”
  • Anthony shrugged, but before he could say anything, he felt a pat on his shoulder. “Hey Anthony, what a coincidence. What are you all talking about?”
  • It was Steve Rodgers. He was on his way to a business meeting and saw Anthony from a distance. Initially, he wasn’t planning to talk to him, but Steven had to come over when he saw that he was being disdained. He sincerely wanted to be Anthony’s friend.
  • Jonah Jones had called Anthony ‘Master’, and that had great implications. He thought that Anthony might be one of those hidden masters. His grandfather had said that it was a tremendous honor to befriend one.
  • Anthony smiled when he saw Steven, “Oh, this idiot here said that I have never been in a Ferrari. See, the one by the entrance!” Anthony was an intelligent man. From Steven’s tone, he knew that Steven was there to lend him his support.
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