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Chapter 218 The Vixen

  • I’ve never been hurt so bad except for the time I met Louis! “Damn you!” Raoul yelped.
  • The guests recoiled and looked away from Anthony’s cruel actions. So cruel! I hope I never cross Anthony’s path.
  • Anthony was kind, but he was not a pushover and would retaliate vehemently if he were bullied.
  • “I bet you never thought that I would survive Lane’s attack, right?” Anthony glanced at Raoul and broke his other arm. Raoul whimpered and his face twisted in pain, but his eyes were hot coals as thoughts of revenge filled his mind.
  • However, Anthony was not going to give him an opportunity to rise and take revenge.
  • “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.” Anthony blew on the needles he took out, and pierced Raoul’s cinnabar field as Raoul lay on the ground helplessly.
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