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Chapter 214 Fighting with Finesse

  • Poppy smiled and interjected Anthony before he could say anything else. “You sisters must be Anthony’s girlfriends too! We need to control him together so that he doesn’t go around collecting more girls!”
  • Jean and Janice’s distraught expressions melted away when they heard Poppy’s words. Poppy looked at Anthony with a feigned sullen expression and waved her little fist, it meant that he would pay for it tonight.
  • Anthony watched as the women chatted amiably and was glad that they had managed to survive the ordeal. He saw Lord Pegasus giving him a thumbs up.
  • “I’m impressed, Anthony!” Before meeting Anthony, Lord Pegasus had only heard of Anthony through Sam, but their encounter had impressed him. Anthony was a good fighter and an incredibly skilled womanizer, which reminded Lord Pegasus of himself.
  • As Anthony glanced at Poppy and the Grayson sisters, he rubbed his nose in despair and wondered if they would strangle him if they found out about Scarlett and Rina in Williamsburg.
  • Lord Pegasus guessed his train of thought as he observed Anthony’s pained expression. “Anthony, you’re too lucky! However, we need to talk about Camelia Firestorm soon. I need to go back to the base now, but let’s meet at eight at Dream Bar!”
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