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Chapter 213 Arrest the Hardy Family

  • After beating up Lane, Anthony pointed at the bodyguards surrounding them. “Damn you! You are the ones who kidnapped Poppy!”
  • “No, no! We were just following Lane’s instructions!” Lane’s men stuttered when they felt Anthony’s fury, but Anthony was too upset to listen to them and knocked a few men to the ground, causing them to bleed from their heads.
  • When Lord Pegasus saw Anthony’s violent actions, he shuddered despite being a battle veteran. Anthony is a cruel man…
  • “Anthony, we should arrest the Hardy family before they escape.” Lord Pegasus reminded Anthony, who immediately called Jean and Colton to ask them to surround the Hardy family estate.
  • Meanwhile, Edgar sat in his armchair in the living room, staring into space as members of the Hardy family grabbed all their valuables and absconded.
  • “Master, Young Master Lane is in danger. For the sake of the family, you have to survive and protect your other son!” His butler fretted, but Edgar saw no hope for the future.
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