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Chapter 212 No Way to Cheat Death

  • Even if Lane and the master of the realms did not attack, Anthony knew that he would not be able to defeat the Class A masters while holding Poppy, yet he was determined to protect her.
  • Taking a deep breath, Anthony shifted his weight, and attacked the Class A masters with the Gelid saber.
  • The Class A masters barely managed to block Anthony’s first wave of attacks, but the chest of one of the masters suddenly caved in and blood poured out of the wound.
  • Staring peculiarly at Anthony, the master tried to apply pressure to his chest wound to no avail. He wondered how Anthony had managed to hurt him and how he was about to die.
  • Meanwhile, the other Class A master was rolling on the ground in pain, holding his crotch. How dare you kick my manhood, damn you!
  • Despite receiving a scary-looking, foot-long slash on his back, Anthony was certain that it was not a life-threatening wound, and set his sights on taking revenge against Lane.
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