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Chapter 210 Foolish Son

  • Upon hearing that Anthony would kneel, tears flowed from Poppy’s eyes. Poppy had been with Anthony for a long time, so she knew Anthony’s character. She knew he would never bow down to anyone, and yet he was kneeling now.
  • The heaviness of this kneel could not be described with words. At the moment, tremendous forces were warring in Anthony’s mind, forcing him to kneel.
  • Lane saw Poppy’s tears. He reached out and pulled the tape off Poppy’s lips. “Haha, if you have anything to say, say it now! I love breaking up loving couples the most… Haha, I will let you experience being my woman later. It would be fun doing it in front of Anthony, haha…”
  • As Lane was laughing maniacally, Anthony kneeled before the computer screen. Although Anthony’s face was expressionless and calm, his eyes concealed a wavering fire, causing Edgar to feel uncomfortable on the screen.
  • “Lane, stop playing around! Kill him immediately! Don’t give him a chance.” As the head of the Hardy family for many years, Edgar was experienced. He could tell that Anthony had something up his sleeves.
  • Anthony was doing his best to force down his anger to save Poppy. Once he saved Poppy, what would happen next would be unimaginable.
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