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Chapter 206 Betrothed to Sisters

  • Craig wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “Yes, definitely!” Damn it, these antiques are not only worth billions, they are also extremely rare. Very few people could own something like them.
  • “Even if they are to your liking, they are not for you. These are for Mr. Joaquin Grayson. Why aren’t you leaving yet?” Anthony smirked and considered giving Craig one last chance.
  • However, in the end, Anthony still decided that he should reveal that Craig had embezzled the company’s funds.
  • Joaquin looked at the treasures before him, and joy was apparent in his eyes. “These are all for me?” Previously, Joaquin’s only issue with Anthony was that he came from a lowly background.
  • However, now, it seemed that Anthony’s background was not lowly at all. He was able to make Edgar and Lane from the Hardy family, who were one of Williamsburg’s Four Great Families, send gifts personally. He believed that Anthony’s background was much greater than he had expected. Furthermore, Joaquin was happy seeing the valuable antiques before him.
  • “Of course, they’re for you, Mr. Grayson. This is our first meeting, and I didn’t have much to give. But I hope that you like them!” Anthony said sincerely. There was no hint of arrogance in him.
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