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Chapter 203 Lord Pegasus Has Arrived

  • Seth Grayson, who was staggering by the living room door, had high hopes just a moment ago. He hoped that Lane Hardy would beat Anthony up! However, he did not expect Lane to be beaten up by Anthony so badly! So, Seth slipped away while Anthony was distracted.
  • Now that there is animosity between Lane and Anthony, there will be more to come! I’ll just have to wait for the show.
  • Suddenly, only Jean and Anthony remained in the spacious villa front yard. Jean looked at Lane’s retreating profile worriedly. “Anthony, Lane is… Sigh, I’m worried that he would cause more trouble!”
  • Lane was affiliated with the Azure Sect. The Azure Sect rarely interfered with worldly matters, and few even knew of their existence. However, the Azure Sect could easily wipe out a clan if they wanted to.
  • Anthony gently enveloped Jean into his embrace. “Jean, don’t worry. I will handle everything. Whoever dares to take you away from me will suffer. As for now, we should think about our meeting with your parents later.”
  • Although Jean was still a little worried, she couldn’t explain why, but she felt strangely calm and reassured with Anthony by her side.
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