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Chapter 200 Too Young to Play with Me

  • When Seth saw Anthony’s movements, he jumped up furiously, “Still going to be stubborn? Idiot! You’re finished. Haha…”
  • Before Seth could continue, Jean stood up with a frown and interrupted, “What are you doing, Seth? Anthony is my boyfriend. You better show some respect!” Jean had always disliked Seth.
  • He was always misusing the family’s reputation to get away from the troubles he had caused in Williamsburg!
  • Seth snorted coldly, “Have you lost your mind, Jean Grayson? Boyfriend? Don’t you know that Lane Hardy had confirmed you as his girlfriend? Yet you still want to find yourself a boyfriend? Dream on! To tell you the truth, Lane Hardy will be coming here today. He had sworn that he would break Anthony’s leg come what may!”
  • Seth shook his leg harder as he spoke of Lane. He acted as if Lane was someone extremely incredible!
  • Jean’s facial expression changed drastically when she heard Seth mentioning that Lane would come. “You… Seth Grayson, are you nuts? Shameless…” Jean turned to Anthony and asked worriedly, “Anthony, why don’t I let Janice bring you upstairs so you can stay away from this?”
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