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Chapter 199 You Are Not My Opponent

  • “Hmph! Badass! If I ever find out about an affair between you and Janice, I will finish you off!” Jean sighed quietly while sulking at Anthony.
  • This Anthony wasn’t someone to be underestimated! He had Poppy Perkins, Natalie Roman and Cate Crosby in New York... Yet, he still hooked up with her sister the minute he arrived in Williamsburg…
  • Anthony wiped off the sweat on his forehead. There was nothing else he could do to save his own ass! If Janice was Jean’s sister, that would make her to be Anthony’s sister-in-law. This would be a sticky situation! If nothing had happened between Anthony and Janice before this, everything would be better. However, both of them had gone through quite a lot when Anthony saved Janice from the Golden Triangle.
  • Moreover, Anthony had robbed Janice Grayson of her first kiss, and had seen her naked as well. Additionally, Janice had an insider tip about the traitor in the Varangians team. Anthony would need to collaborate often with this enchanting sister-in-law of his in the future.
  • After considering this, Anthony decided to be honest with Jean about his relationship with Janice. He cleared his throat and explained, “Actually, Janice and I have met before… It’s like this…” Anthony related his entire experience of saving the hostages in Golden Triangle.
  • Naturally, he left out the part about the sign of sparks between the both of them.
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