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Chapter 197 My Beauty

  • Anthony and Nex, who sat in the passenger seat, were confused seeing Scarface threatening Anthony by grabbing his collar.
  • Scarface was a mere Class D master, but now Anthony was a Class B, and Nex was a master of realms.
  • As naïve as Scarface, he pulled Anthony's collar without finding out his identity and capability. It was as if a clueless ant was trying to challenge a mighty elephant!
  • Anthony was not upset but smiled. The corners of his lips curled slightly, "I bet you’ve always shown yourself arrogant like how you’re behaving now. But you'd better let go of your hand within three seconds, or you will regret it!"
  • Scarface sneered, "Boy, I know you have a wee bit of ability! But you have to know this is Williamsburg, and this is the league of my boss. If you’re smart, just do as I say! Hah."
  • These bodyguards of Raoul had used to be so arrogant, leeching on his influence and power. Plus, their boss, Raoul, had allowed them to impose an ultimatum in this operation. Why would they be afraid then?
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