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Chapter 193 Public Beating

  • Between her elegant movements and her sultry demeanor, Anthony Stewart was suddenly caught by surprise at how familiar the woman before him looked.
  • After a moment’s thought, he swiftly remembered. Isn’t this Camelia Firestorm? Sam and Logan had shown him a picture the last time they visited. Anthony’s mission from the Varangians was to use his manly allure to seduce this Camelia Firestorm!
  • The stars must have aligned for them to meet in such a circumstance. At that moment, Anthony was adamant about teaching her a lesson. It seemed to him that while he was now fully aware of her identity, Camelia Firestorm still had no idea who he was.
  • Anthony let out a cold hum. “You now have two options. First, be a nice girl, put on this uniform, and clean this entire stretch of street. Two, I’ll lift up your skirt and give you a good smack on the butt!” Anthony looked mischievously at the lower half of her body while imagining how her backside must feel.
  • Listening to his arrogant speech, Camelia was immediately enraged. “How dare you!” Although the Firestorms had never been harmonious with the powerful British families, their influence in the United Kingdom was vast and far-reaching. No one had ever spoken like this to Camelia before.
  • Anthony let out a cold laugh, “There’s nothing much I dare not do.”
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