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Chapter 191 Bad Boys Are All the Rage

  • Damn it. Girls these days are way too open-minded! They don’t seem to have any problems entering the male toilet!
  • Anthony hurriedly returned his little buddy to where it belonged and turned around to stare at Rina. “I say, young lady, can you have some patience? Your miracle worker is standing right in front of you.”
  • After all, the current state of things was not too far off from the desired outcome that Rina had in mind. Anthony was to call off the arranged marriage with the Williams so that Rina could officially become Anthony’s girlfriend. Of course, this was not the most straightforward arrangement, but it would ultimately yield the same result – Rina Williams would become Anthony’s woman.
  • Rina took a suspicious glance at Anthony. “You?” Nevertheless, Rina was reminded of how heroic Anthony was at the bar the day before. Maybe he really is my personal miracle worker. “Alright. My parents and the annoying good-for-nothing are already at the suite. If you can get rid of him, I’ll be yours this very instant!”
  • Anthony’s lips curled into a smile, “Alright! Let’s go!”
  • A minute later, Anthony was once again standing before the door to the VIP suite, but along with Rina this time around. Rina took a moment to reorganize her thoughts and emotions before looking at Anthony with a grave expression. “Alright, I’ll knock!”
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