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Chapter 187 The Sparrow

  • Ken was devastated even before he stopped spinning from the slap because he could excuse himself for the sudden slap the first time, but he won’t be able to justify himself for the second strike.
  • “I’ll kill you!” Ken’s face was swollen, and his eyes were puffy as he screamed and stomped in rage. He geared himself up to punch Anthony, but his courage failed him because Anthony managed to take down his Class C men, whereas Ken was merely a Class D master.
  • Ken glanced around to see that all his men except Scarlett had collapsed and recalled sourly that Scarlett refused to attack Anthony after sleeping with him in New York, yet he had no choice but to order her.
  • “Scarlett, kill him, or your brother won’t survive the night! Others, help her!” Ken gave her a warning look.
  • If looks could kill, Ken would have died a hundred times when Scarlett stared back venomously. She had no choice but to dart out from the crowd towards Anthony because Ken could control the recovery of her brother’s illness.
  • Anthony was going to hit Ken again when he saw Scarlett and grinned as he savored the moment of pleasure in New York. His eyes never left Scarlett as he casually swatted the Class D bodyguards aside.
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