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Chapter 186 Fishing Fisher

  • “That’s the man who stole our woman, Mr. Fisher!” The thugs yelled when they saw Anthony, Rina and Nex.
  • Ken is here? Anthony squinted his eyes when he and Rina noticed the bespectacled Ken after being stopped by the thugs.
  • Williamsburg influences were convoluted but not impenetrable. Although the major influences were the Seven Major Families, there were vanguards and other smaller influencers, and Ken’s group was the weakest of the thirteen vanguards.
  • Anthony was sent to straighten up the crooks in Williamsburg. Hence, Ken’s appearance was a chance for Anthony to feel out his abilities.
  • “Mr. Stewart, what a coincidence to meet you in this hellhole!” Ken pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose and glared at Anthony. He had to swallow his pride when he was insulted in New York because he only had Scarlett to protect him, but he didn’t have to be afraid with his people surrounding the bar this time.
  • “You seem to look forward to a beating after missing a beat-up session in New York…” Anthony laughed mirthlessly and rolled up his sleeves to hit Ken.
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