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Chapter 185 The Fifth Wife

  • “Nooowwp…” Rina’s lips pressed onto Anthony’s, cutting short his protest, but her soft kisses drew him in, and he kissed her back.
  • After some time, Anthony pulled away and wiped his mouth disgustedly. “Lady, why do you have to be so rough?”Youbehavelike the kiss was a violation, butif I were in your shoes, I’d be dancing with joy!The hearts of the people gathered at the entrance to the bar galloped wildly when they saw Anthony’s frown, and Rina stomped her foot. “Hey, is my offer to be your girl an inconvenience to you?”
  • Anthony pulled a face. “What would happen to my current girlfriend if you became the new one?”
  • Rina was taken aback but realized that it was normal for someone as talented as Anthony to have a girlfriend. “Then I’ll be your second wife!”
  • “I have a few girlfriends, so would you be content with being the fifth wife?” Anthony asked tentatively.How could you have so many girls when I cannot even score one? The crowd nearly spat on Anthony when they heard his confession, and Rina was shaken but unconvinced. “Impossible! I’ll be the fifth wife if you truly have four girlfriends!”He must be powerful to attract so many girls tohim, so I’m glad to be his rather than the old prick’s since I picked him.
  • “Whatever makes you happy!”I can’t prevent girls from falling for me.Anthony sighed and glanced at Nex, who pretended not to see what happened between Anthony and Rina and was still muttering to himself.I didn’t see anything, O Buddha…I’ll make you suffer!Anthony regarded Nex with contempt before turning to Rina. “You should go home now that your problem has been solved, girl!” Anthony wanted to test the waters in Williamsburg by hitting the bar.
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