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Chapter 173 Taking Advantage of You

  • Anthony and Janice were skillful Class B and Class C Reiki masters; hence they were able to rush to the Priest’s female detention center in under an hour.
  • As Anthony directed them towards the Priest’s female detention center, Janice was curious to know how he seemed to be able to detect which routes to avoid. Janice grew more suspicious when a team of soldiers passed them just as Anthony guided them into a foxhole, but could not spare the time to question him.
  • The detention center was cloaked in darkness, but a searchlight shone over the compound periodically. The detention center was surrounded by a ten-meter-tall wall, but Janice was going to vault over the wall after scaling a tree, when Anthony stopped her.
  • “Don’t jump in from this place! There are three guards here. You’ll expose us!”
  • Janice could not hide the surprise on her face. “How did you know? Do you have X-ray vision?”
  • Anthony nearly slapped himself for giving his secret away. “Oh no! That’s just a guess!”
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