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Chapter 171 The Beauty and Her Brains

  • Anthony wanted to find more evidence that she was the hostage the Varangians were looking for but the sudden change of events did not permit for that.
  • “Are you running, girl? Stop or the men will tie you up!” The leader of the team of soldiers threatened the girl but did not shoot her with a gun or a crossbow because women were rare in the Golden Triangle.
  • As Anthony stood up silently, the girl ran into him and sent them sprawling. Anthony’s blood rose to his face as he felt her body pressing against his, especially because her clothes were sticking to her body.
  • “You… I…” Anthony tried to squirm out from under her but she flipped over, and drew a dagger to stab his throat.
  • Anthony was stunned to discover that she was a Class C master, but he used the hidden energy in his palm to grab her wrist and pulled her towards him to trap her under his body.
  • The girl was astounded when Anthony caught her wrist, and bent her knees to kick him between the legs.
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