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Chapter 170 The Bathing Beauty

  • Traeger was astounded when Markel told him what Anthony had said, because he did not want to send his people to their deaths. “How could I obey a demon who slays children and women? None of us would survive if we went in!”
  • Traeger had cooperated with the Priest before and knew that he was one of the top four drug lords in the Golden Triangle, with drug distribution channels spreading across the continent. He was a cruel and cunning man with many armed men at his command. The Priest tried to force Traeger to submit to him because the Priest’s base and Traeger’s Zumurrud base were nearby, but Traeger rejected his offers. Both parties were in a cold war after nearly firing at each other at that time.
  • “Boss, this was Anthony’s suggestion because the men being surrounded are his men. Speak to him yourself!” Markel explained before passing the phone to Anthony.
  • Traeger was surprised to hear that Anthony did not return with the Zumurrud supply.
  • “Commander Traeger, you could take over the Priest’s territory if you cooperate with me so don’t miss this opportunity!” Anthony offered.
  • Traeger recalled that his spies had told him that the Priest’s vast territory had a great supply of Zumurrud and agreed. “I will send half of my men to help you and keep half to guard my base.”
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